Friday, 9 April 2010

What is Silverlight

Silverlight is a powerful development platform for creating rich media applications and business applications for the Web, desktop, and mobile devices.

Based on the Microsoft .NET framework, the free Silverlight plug-in works across multiple browsers, devices and operating systems to bring new interactivity to the Web. With extensive layout and styling options, powerful communication protocols, robust data access, and support for user interaction and high-definition media, Silverlight helps create fast, smooth, and visually rich customer experiences. Silverlight applications can be developed quickly with the Microsoft Web Platform, Visual Studio, and Expression Studio.

Compelling Experiences

Deliver compelling, exciting, experiences on the Web, with home theater-quality video and exceptional interactivity.

Engage users longer and make the most of your content with interactive features and high-definition streaming video delivered through live and on-demand IIS Smooth Streaming.

Build user “buzz” and differentiate yourself with innovative capabilities, such as Deep Zoom, which pushes the boundaries of interactivity and provide new ways to present your brand.

Powerful Technology

Build on Microsoft’s industrial-strength application development tools and a platform that promotes stability, scalability, reliability, and performance.

Create cross-platform applications that are accessible, secure, and discoverable by search engines through all major browsers on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Extend browser experiences to the desktop and devices with innovative tools, servers and frameworks.

Enhanced Results

Grow your business, your productivity, and your profitability with technology and tools that deliver exceptional value and accommodate the business model that fits your company best.

Call on millions of existing developers and thousands of businesses already familiar with .NET development to help create and deploy Silverlight applications.

Create rich Web-based applications that quickly integrate with your existing back-end systems. Easily enhance existing Web and SharePoint sites by incrementally adding Silverlight components.



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