Sunday, 25 April 2010

Silverlight Controls Overview
Silverlight has over 3 dozen User Interface (UI) controls. .NET programmers already familiar with ASP.Net or (especially) WPF, will find using the Silverlight controls very natural and straight forward.
Figure 1-1. Silverlight Controls (split in two to make it easier to view)

Silverlight controls were created to look great and provide extensive and customizable functionality right out of the box. Moreover, all of the standard controls can be modified in numerous ways to meet your needs.

The look and feel of the control can be tweaked through styles or can be entirely redesigned through templates, and the behavior of the controls can be modified through event handlers. In the rare cases when none of that is enough, you can create (or derive) your own customized controls as well.

Silverlight Controls basically can be divided into:Layout Controls, Input Controls, Media Controls and Other Controls.



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